Unicity Tag – Getting Started

Simple features to know when using unicitytag.com


To share a post, simply hover over the image and then click on the social media feed you wish to post to. If you have already logged into your account then include your comment and submit. If not you will be directed to log in.

Screenshot Jan 17 19.38.02

Other posts, such as articles can be shared. Open the article, then copy and past the url address into you social media to share.




If you have found something to share on unicity tag or if you have an idea, send them to us at share@unicity.com.




Most of the content added to the site will be images, however we will also include text from time to time in some of these tags and we can offer these in local languages.

By selecting your country from the filter, you can see what is available in your language. If there is a post you have seen that is not in your language, send an email to share@unicity.com with the text and image you would like in your language and we will add it to the site.


Screenshot Jan 17 19.43.00

If there is a subject you are looking for to share on your social media, simple enter the word in the search box and hit return.